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A reliable

business partner

FP Consultants was established in 2014 by consultants with sound experience in Danish and international consultancies. Most of us have more than 15 years’ experience as consultants. We also have access to numerous consultants in our extensive network.

What are the main features of FP consultants?

  • We provide consultancy services and devote our efforts to creating opportunities and realizing potential in close cooperation with clients, colleagues and networks.

  • The consultancy services we provide are closely linked to ICT implementations – an essential element of our core business.

  • We use our personal experience and draw on each other’s expertise to create unique solutions for each client and the context of the specific project.

  • FP Consultants will prove that our excellent consultants can make a difference in the market, delivering quality on time – not to mention within budget.

  • Our work usually involves long-term relationships.

  • Our clients include both public and private sector companies.

Let's work together

We provide professional solutions for large companies both in Denmark and abroad and ensure our clients are equipped for success. If you would like to know more about how we can help your company, please get in touch and we will be happy to explain more.

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