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Uniting businesses,

processes and IT

Offering skilled expertise and advice in interim management, nearshoring and consulting support


About us

With a wide range of experience in both Danish and international consultancies over many years and a strong network of external consultants, we are a reliable business partner who can provide your organisation with the temporary support and expertise it needs.

Consultancy services 

FP Consultants provide consultants with expertise in the fields of management consultants, IT and Finance.


IT Manager

Our consultants are experts in both business operations and IT and can service your business with their pragmatic approach.


Business Intelligence

Our consultants create value on the basis of the data you already have, making sure that the data is available to the right people and presented in such a way that it paves the way for making the right decisions quickly.


Program and project management


Program and project management consultants can help you, when you need to ensure that a project’s objectives and schedule will be organized with the utmost efficiency, and that ultimately the project group will be aiming at a common goal.

System and software development

We have consultants who are masters in the field of databases, operating systems, middleware, storage, operating systems, programming and the development of iPhone and Android mobile applications for business use.



Save substantial money by hiring one or more full-time developers in Bulgaria, while maintaining control of the process with Danish project management.



Our consultants are experts in the areas of financial management, accounting, controlling and auditing. Their experience derives from many different lines of business and many different financial systems.


Chief Financial Officer
or Chief Accountant

Our consultants have extensive experience in many different industries and can help ensure effective, professional and dynamic leadership of financial management and purchasing functions. We have many years experience implementing a variety of ERP systems.


Governance, Risk &
Compliance and GDPR

Our governance, risk and compliance services (GRC) consultants help our clients tackle the broad issues of Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management and efficient business management.

"FP Consultants provided excellent consultancy service, and we highly recommend FP Consultants."

Morten Harrishøj
Head of Group Reporting and Financial Controlling at E.ON


FP Consultants can help you move your workforce to a country with a lower cost of living, but in an area that is geographically close and culturally similar. Unlike offshoring, nearshoring offers advantages in terms of time difference, culture, language and political situation, including compliance with the EU Privacy Act etc.

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Let's work together

We provide professional solutions for large companies both in Denmark and abroad and ensure our clients are equipped for success. If you would like to know more about how we can help your company, please get in touch and we will be happy to explain more.

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